Saturday Inspiration

“The things that made you weird as a kid will make you great tomorrow.” — James Victore

I first heard this quote from the wonderful podcast “Conversations with Tom” from the episode with Chase Jarvis.

This hits me right to the core because it’s absolutely true. I was a shy, introverted kid growing up, and the things that made me weird to other people were what I treasured and cherished about myself.

For example, I collected soundtracks as a kid, especially symphonic ones, and one of my favorite things to do was listen and re-imagine a completely different scenario (with me as the star of course), sometimes a whole new story. Another example is that after watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, Quantum Leap, I would walk around the house and pretend I was the main character having leaped into another body in the past.

I was the kid by himself reading in a quiet room during a party, and I was the kid who danced made up dances when I was escorted back to the party. I refilmed music videos in my head. I would tell great stories of imaginary lands to myself when I was bored.

We are all creators; and in order to fully create, we must get in touch with that dorky kid we once were. Be messy, be mystical. Most importantly, be weird again! 😊

How were you weird as a kid and how can you get in touch with that part of you to help you write and create?

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Create and Complete, wolf pack 🐺🐺🐺

Adjacents: Comments on class inspired by the film ‘Parasite’


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My Writing Ritual Playlist

In order to create what you love, you need to be your very best mentally, physically, and emotionally. You need to eat the right foods, get exercise, and get at least seven to eight of hours a sleep a night. That’s a given. The old stories of writers living off of whiskey, cigarettes, and two minutes sleep are as long dead as the writers themselves no matter how powerful the works were that they left behind. We need to take care of the engine in order to run the train.

Our habits help this process. Get yourself into the right frame of mind, and you not only get your conscious mind in the right groove but more importantly you get your unconscious mind running good as well, which is the wellspring of your creativity and ideas.

I made a playlist for my routine. Songs evoke our emotions and our memory. That’s why there are such things as happy and sad songs. This means they are perfect triggers. Once you create a habit with a song, play it and your mind will begin to do the work to for you. Also, a playlist is great because it’s portable. No more will you be shackled to an outside environment. Click the play button and you can write anywhere you want.

This is my playlist:

The specifics are not important. You should craft the playlist to your own tastes, but remember to craft it to the purpose it serves. Have a fun track to remind you that this is a type of play, creating worlds from words. Make it childish, like my track one. Have a prep track where you’re still milling around online, like my track two. You can write with any music you like, but I would recommend something without lyrics (your unconscious mind speaks in poetry; listen to it). Then have a cool down track. Then a journaling track. Whatever you want. Be creative and fun! And finally, at the end, have a happy track again to remind you that you did a good job.

Do this often enough and it may even help you through a dry spell, the dreaded writer’s block. Either way, play your playlist through thick and thin, and it’ll supply you with the right motivation.

Here’s a break down of my tracks and their purpose:

Happy to be alive and doing what I love track:

Track 1. Little Plastic Castle by Ani Difranco

Getting ready to write track:

Track 2. Echo by Joe Satriani

Freewriting track:

Track 3. Versperae Solennes De Confessore, K 339- Laudate Dominum by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Writing track:

Track 4. Red Noise by Sound Dreamer

Release track:

Track 5. Venus Movement by Gustav Holst

Reflection and Journaling of Kudos and Progress Made track:

Track 6. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Writing Mojo track:

Track 7. Advice from Stephen King

Happy to be alive and doing what I love track:

Track 8. That’s Some Dream by Good Old War


Create and complete, Wolf pack! 🐺

P.s. check out this awesome podcast episode of Conversations with Tom featuring Chase Jarvis HERE! It’s a great episode about creativity.

A Monday Breakfast In River North

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Saturday Inspiration

“After a hundred or something films, I’m constantly insecure. But here’s the hitch: it’s okay to fail, to feel insecurely, doubting yourself, finding confidence, and moving forward, and then doubting what you’ve just done. I think this is the life of the composer and this is the life of the artist.”

— Danny Elfman

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NaNo Diary Entry: 7 Days In

After 7 days of NaNoWriMo, I’m just under the average at 13,780 words.


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Impressions of a Snowy Day in October

Throughout the week, through all the stress and the busyness, I take a moment out of the day to write down some details about the environment around me. I’ll be posting them here every Monday.

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You Are All Writing Warriors

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Saturday Inspiration

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