Hey all!

I’ll keep this short because I have to:

I’m still alive!!!

NO I didn’t have a near-death experience, getting chased by a Bengal tiger or the like. I’ve been investing time, energy, and calories working on finishing my novel by the end of the year, and the biggest component of that is not just time but this month’s National Novel Writers Month to help keep me confident and motivated.

If you are a part of it, great!

If not, great!

As long as you’re writing.

If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is and want to, well, here. It’s never NEVER too late to begin, anything, and so just jump on and try it. Or, just play along with everyone else like I do. Jump on Twitter and throw out the hashtag. Get the momentum going!

By the second week of December, I’m giving myself a break, so I will be back on here to post new posts post-haste!

Have a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving!


Create and Complete!


Dave b.


Creative Resonance


Earlier in the summer, I was walking around my neighborhood with my earbuds on. Set on the far north part of the city of Chicago, Andersonville is a small, proud, tight-knit community that harkens back to a simpler time. Continue reading “Creative Resonance”

Muck Work


“This is to say, I am exerting every ounce of self-mastery; but I have lived in solitude too long and fed too long off my “own fat”, so I am now being broken, as no other man could be, on the wheel of my own passions. … Unless I discover the alchemical trick of turning this muck into gold, I am lost.” (A letter from Nietzsche to F. Overbeck, December 25, 1882)

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