Sh!t Work


“This is to say, I am exerting every ounce of self-mastery; but I have lived in solitude too long and fed too long off my “own fat”, so I am now being broken, as no other man could be, on the wheel of my own passions. … Unless I discover the alchemical trick of turning this muck into gold, I am lost.” (A letter from Nietzsche to F. Overbeck, December 25, 1882)

There’s a special kind of hell all writers must face. We may not face it every single day, but it is an inevitability, and how we deal with it when we do face it will either make us better or worse from our time with it. Continue reading

It’s Time



It’s time.

It’s time you got out of here, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

It’s time you turned toward the discomfort, toward the awkwardness, the fear, the difficult, and toward the battle of your life–i.e. truth.

It’s time you got out of here.

It’s time you began separating yourself from the pack. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine.

It’s time you got called up to the majors, because it’s time you showed them that you’re done with the minors.

It’s time you go beyond your body, your role, your gender, and your sex, so say goodbye to those cookie-cutter boys and girls. They’ll be fine feeling smug and right.

It’s time you fell flat on your face, and then got right back up again.

It’s time to run like you never fell.

It’s time someone else thought your shit didn’t stink besides yourself.

It’s time for your entrance.

It’s time you stopped hiding behind preparations.

It’s time the world saw your face, heard your voice, saw your eyes, heard your spirit, and felt your humble and loving actions.

It’s time to get this next phase started.

It’s time to kick apart the fire, break camp, load up, and continue up the mountain.

It’s time to pay the bill on your past. Each and every fault, mistake, error, wrongdoing, fuckhead petty hurtful thing you inflicted on someone and someone inflicted on you, pay that bill and never pay it again. Remember the good parts like a great meal you can’t have again. Leave that place because the future is front of you, not behind.

It’s time you began your next life, the better life, the inevitable, natural life, as natural as the curve in your spine. It’s time you became your potential, free, gifted, good, and honest self.

It’s time to get excited, not anxious.

It’s time to have a go at it, like a seven-year-old.

It’s time to be wise and grateful, like a ninety-year-old.

It’s time to be healthy again.

It’s time to be good again.

It’s time to be alive.

Because after all,

its time is over;

your time has come.


Hello Again


Praha Old Jewish Cemetery Panorama 01

This is completely off the cuff and absolutely unedited:

Hi! How is everyone doing? I’ve been good, very good. And then sometimes just ho hum. I’m knee-deep in the next draft of my book, and will be working to complete it for the end of the year. I don’t exactly know how many posts and articles I’ll be putting up, but I will try, I really will. Having said all that, here’s this:

I really believe I’ve found my calling. For the first time since all of my living life, I feel I’m writing. It started with my attendance of a conference about a few weeks ago. Long story short, it opened my eyes. I was afraid, terrified, relieved, curious, spellbound, and finally humbled by the whole experience. It’s taken me weeks to digest, but it really comes down to humility.

I’m a compulsive writer. Sometimes I’ve felt I wrote to outrun the demons in my head. Now, I’m slowing down. Now, I’m getting out of my own way and I’m writing this next draft the way it should be written–from my very spirit.

Oh, did I mention I’ve completely thrown out the first draft? Yeah, did that. That’s called Letting Go, and I’ve never been happier and more scared to do it.

That’s why I’m here. Just to kick it and get this off my chest. This is from the heart. This is not scripted. This is not reread and edited for content five billion times. This is me, this is real.

I’m a writer, I’ve always been. We get in our ways so much and in so many ways that keep us from getting to our special writing place. I don’t want to do that anymore.

So I’m not. Every day, I’m getting to my desk and sitting there and writing. If I don’t, I’ll just sit there and wait. How many times have I waited in line for all the trivial things in my life; I can wait for my writing.

I’ve been very, very humbled these last few weeks. I thought I was everything, including the savior of literature, the hailed chief of novels, and the greatest poet in the universe. All that was wrong. I was arrogant, I was petty, and I was spoiled by my own ego.

Now when I read books on the craft or books on being a writer or books on the process, I take it in. I feel so much that I’m a student again, and that’s okay. I miss being a student in some ways.

I want to join a writer’s group. I want to connect with my fellow writers.

I want to tell all of you out there, from India to Arkansas, that I really do appreciate you even clicking on my page and reading my stuff. I always try to do the best, that’s how I’ve been. And so now, I will say goodbye but not for good. I’ll be dropping in videos every Monday, ’cause that’s what I think inspires me and gets me going. Every now and then, I’ll write something. Maybe I’m not going anywhere and just think I am.

Long story short: Hello! How are you doing today?

I’m feeling great. Bless you all for what you’re doing on here. Writing is one of the hardest things that any human can do. Get it out, get it down, get exposed, and get it done! Love all of you!

Create and Complete, fellow writer warriors!

Have a phenomenal day!

Vid of the Week — Mel Robbins


“If you get it right, nobody’s going to criticize you. If you do it perfect, then no one will be able to attack you.”





Mel Robbins adds another layer to the mystique of risk with this talk. She is a profound speaker who’s dedicated herself to teaching us to make the right choices and to be the best we can be. Her YouTube channel is right here.


Create and Complete!

Have a wonderful day!

Vid of the Week — Gary Vaynerchuk


“Please take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is.”



You really have no time to lose. Gary tells it like it is, over and over. Bless him.

Gary’s YouTube channel, where you can find all of his videos, interviews, and talks as well as his other media info.


Create and Complete

Have a kick ass Monday.

Getting There is Half the Battle



It seems to me that once I get to my writing, everything is fine. As I wrote about in one of my previous posts, it’s not the writing part (so far) that is the problem, it’s the GETTING THERE part that dooms me. Continue reading

Vid of the Week — Oprah Winfrey


“Stop comparing yourself to other people.”



A wonderful woman with a glorious mind to help you.

daily MOTIVATION is a YouTube channel full of hundreds of inspiring talks and speeches that has helped psyche me up for the day’s writing. Because if you think you don’t need to psyche yourself up for the day’s writing, you’re not truly writing anything.


Create and Complete

Make the most of this wonderful day.

Vid of the Week — Bill Hicks


“But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok?”



Always with LOVE.

Never again with FEAR.


Create and Complete.

Have a wonderful day.