Thanks for Something



I am going to keep this short (food is cooking, I have a book to get back to, and I’m going to be hanging out with my family, including my brand new godson):

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Even the enemies of my mind and my body, even the devils and demons that rage and spit and fling shit at my logic, my love, and my good will.

You have to thank everyone, kids.  You have to.  Enemies make us, haters move us.

Of course, I would not be anything without the people that support me, either through silent thoughts or constant vocal cheering.  I am a writer, and with that vocation comes a slew of mental and emotional images, most of which come from TV and movies of raging and shouting and wounded humans being weird and artsy; and so with that comes much bemusement and indifference to what I do.  But still, any and all support from any and all of them, is welcomed with such a big smile on this ugly face that I often feel like I am going to explode from relief and happiness. I am truly a blessed person for not only doing what I love every day, but having the health of mind, body, and spirit to do it at all.

But I need to thank my enemies too, either visible or hiding.  Our enemies teach us what to fight for and who to fight against.  It marshals our energy, strengthens our resolve, builds our fighting will, and sharpens our spirit–if at the very least by giving us a blueprint of who not to be.

So today, as you give thanks to your friends and family through social media and in person, thank your stars that there are people who go against everything that you stand for; for, they are not evil, just mistaken, misled, ignorant, or stubborn and therefore, scared.  We are all human.  We need air and food and shelter and love.

As soon as you start to banish people to the lowest depths of a hell, you become what you shouldn’t–them.  Be You.  Be forgiving but be ruthless with it.  Be kind but don’t be a cog to its passive mechanisms.

Be fiercely human!

So thanks to all who read this little thing of mine.

Thanks to all who have ever thought they couldn’t have a little thing of their own and get it.

Thanks to all who realize that if they lose that little thing, they can get it back.

And thanks to all who have never had a little thing of their own and truly keep dreaming and fighting and moving around their world and mind and heart to make room to get that little thing one day.

Thank you, everyone, personally, for making me who I am.

Mom, Dad, Steve, Andy, Mikey, Katie, Kelly, Matt, Jack, Lila, Baby X, Tim, Doc, Kori, Chris, Marcus, Amanda; and to my alter ego, Dave, the civilian, for making my writer-self living and breathing ever day.  To those I forgot and did not mention, you know who you are.

But also, thanks to those whom have hurt me.  For better and for worse, you’ve given me heartache and sadness and pain immeasurable; but with it, hope and love and ecstasy and fulfillment.  Every single soul has touched me and guided me.  I am clay to human connections.

Only those things that I allow to hurt me will.

We are gods if we let ourselves be.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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