The Gemini Manifesto



For the Writer–

I will strive for something better, for something bigger, than myself.

I will be an explorer of the human experience, through my deeds, my thoughts, and my words.

I will try to write only for my creative spirit, who once gave me the inspiration to write in the first place.

I will microscope-study and photograph-catch the mannerisms and motives of my characters’ time in my stories with honest and compassionate details.

I will study my literary form and extend its evolution outward, reaching places of complex truth, asking questions that sometimes do not have answers.

Even though I take my forms and stories from Life, it is not Life.   It is a charged Life–life of drama, of conflict, of tension and release, and of philosophy.

For the Citizen–

Remember this:

I am not fighting against Life itself (I cannot) or ignoring it (I should not), but am simply refusing its monkey tricks and mere-human standards;

refusing to sacrifice all of my mind, spirit, and body so that it can live on–stupid, ignorant, and lazy;

refusing to accept every proposition from every person or persons or organizations of persons without first logically dissecting, analyzing, and deciding if that is what is Truth;

refusing to feel negative thoughts of shame, guilt, depression, fear, or sadness because I could not, cannot, or will not fulfill what this Life demands of me;

and lastly, refusing to doubt myself and keep me from my true mature evolved duty as a human being, whether as a Writer or a Citizen, to go beyond temporal and passing-whim trends of distractions, fantasies, and projections to a place of mind-body-spirit connectedness of a higher standard, whether or not I will live to see its ultimate fruition.

I will never drive with hate my words against those who are against me, but to pity them—these, my fellow sufferers—and to love them, whether or not they themselves will live to see to its ultimate fruition.


-D. M. Barnish

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