Take a tip from da Vinci—

see everything you see in a new way.  Especially things you’ve seen before.  The billions of times on your way to work or on your way back home, the walk up your steps, the opening of the front door, at work or at lunch, or at family gatherings or at a show.  Look for the corner of the image, the outward detail, adjunct and seemingly hidden forever. I like feet or ankles.  These seem innocent and at first glance, nondescript and devoid of anything interesting.  It’s almost as if they serve just a utilitarian purpose.  Don’t you be fooled.  Go for that distant detail.  A person’s feet tell you more than you know. Or hands or hair.  The toughy is anything in nature.  I get absolutely lost in thought if I pay full attention to the things around me–the wrinkled lines of flecked red paint from a garage door frame, a white soda bottle cap being swallowed by a square of muddy dirt where the sidewalk ends, or the tired but happy eyes of the short Mexican woman passing me on her way to the laundry mat again.  They’re all out there.  Remember them.  That’s what da Vinci did too–at night, he’d recall all of the details he saw that day.

So see everything you see in a new way (or try; a person must pay attention to the idiot cars careening down the street too.).

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