A Song


In place of a post, I’d like to post a song. And Ani says (and has been saying for over thirty years) more in a three-minute song than most can utter in a lifetime. Enjoy.



Please learn more about this amazing woman here.

Movie for the Weekend — ‘My Dinner with Andre’


One winter morning back in 1999, while attending ISU, one of my roommates decided to pay (for as long as he was able to) the lion’s share of the cable bill simply because he wanted every single movie channel. It lasted only one semester, but for that time, I was spoiled. I’d always been a film buff, having grown up with cable tv, so having all the newest and coolest films to watch was a treat. But only one of those channels was my absolute favorite–the Independent Film Channel. I saw so much. From Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes to Linklater’s Slacker to Anderson’s Bottle Rocket to Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi, films on the IFC touched the artist and creator in me with their odd characters, their bare-bones budgets, and their young and yet-to-be-recognized directors and actors. These were films that made for me a creative spark that would later fan the first flames of my dream of writing. Continue reading “Movie for the Weekend — ‘My Dinner with Andre’”

New Mantra, Part 4



Hello. Sorry for this last part being a week late. I promise it wasn’t a deliberate delay to heighten the tension (but it did, hey oh! Here’s the release).

The final part of my new mantra iiiiiiissss–

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