Hello Again


This is completely off the cuff and absolutely unedited:

Hi! How is everyone doing? I’ve been good, very good. And then sometimes just ho hum. I’m knee-deep in the next draft of my book, and will be working to complete it for the end of the year. I don’t exactly know how many posts and articles I’ll be putting up, but I will try, I really will. Having said all that, here’s this:

I really believe I’ve found my calling. For the first time since all of my living life, I feel I’m writing. It started with my attendance of a conference about a few weeks ago. Long story short, it opened my eyes. I was afraid, terrified, relieved, curious, spellbound, and finally humbled by the whole experience. It’s taken me weeks to digest, but it really comes down to humility.

I’m a compulsive writer. Sometimes I’ve felt I wrote to outrun the demons in my head. Now, I’m slowing down. Now, I’m getting out of my own way and I’m writing this next draft the way it should be written–from my very spirit.

Oh, did I mention I’ve completely thrown out the first draft? Yeah, did that. That’s called Letting Go, and I’ve never been happier and more scared to do it.

That’s why I’m here. Just to kick it and get this off my chest. This is from the heart. This is not scripted. This is not reread and edited for content five billion times. This is me, this is real.

I’m a writer, I’ve always been. We get in our ways so much and in so many ways that keep us from getting to our special writing place. I don’t want to do that anymore.

So I’m not. Every day, I’m getting to my desk and sitting there and writing. If I don’t, I’ll just sit there and wait. How many times have I waited in line for all the trivial things in my life; I can wait for my writing.

I’ve been very, very humbled these last few weeks. I thought I was everything, including the savior of literature, the hailed chief of novels, and the greatest poet in the universe. All that was wrong. I was arrogant, I was petty, and I was spoiled by my own ego.

Now when I read books on the craft or books on being a writer or books on the process, I take it in. I feel so much that I’m a student again, and that’s okay. I miss being a student in some ways.

I want to join a writer’s group. I want to connect with my fellow writers.

I want to tell all of you out there, from India to Arkansas, that I really do appreciate you even clicking on my page and reading my stuff. I always try to do the best, that’s how I’ve been. And so now, I will say goodbye but not for good. I’ll be dropping in videos every Monday, ’cause that’s what I think inspires me and gets me going. Every now and then, I’ll write something. Maybe I’m not going anywhere and just think I am.

Long story short: Hello! How are you doing today?

I’m feeling great. Bless you all for what you’re doing on here. Writing is one of the hardest things that any human can do. Get it out, get it down, get exposed, and get it done! Love all of you!

Create and Complete, fellow writer warriors!

Have a phenomenal day!

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