Vid of the Week — Bjork & Gondry

“Declare independence! Don’t let them do that to you!”


Bjork is one of my idols in so many ways.
She reinvents not only her look but her style of music and her self sometimes while all the while keeping and honing that vulnerability, wonder, and awe that is synonymous with the name Bjork. She is a truly inspiring artist and woman.

Michel Gondry is a director that’s been inspiring me for years now, not only with his movies but also with his music videos. And really, it’s no surprise he’s found a creative counterpart in Bjork, as these two have worked together numerous times before. His style isn’t as eclectic as Bjork’s, but it’s just as wondrous and inventive.

This is my favorite music video by this duo. The song together with the video is worthy of a Vid of the Week from me because it perfectly marries art with expression. Its message is also another reason–declare yourself independent from those who seek to control you.



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