The Story of My Life


Write that down and put it somewhere where you can see it. Because your life is a story told by you; and just as you need courage, humility, and openness not only in dealing with critiques of your work but also in editing that story to make it the best it can be, the same is true for your dreams of happiness and fulfillment as a human being.

This macro task of re-visioning your dreams is challenging, but it will yield much more powerful results than just a great story or poem, it will yield your true self, free and creative. Put more simply, you change your entire world by changing your thoughts, your actions, your words, and your habits. You already create characters and worlds, so why not create your own life?


My dream was once to be left alone, to hide myself in my stories. Shut away from the world, I would make art that gave me a false sense of happiness merely with its simple production. This type of art is impotent. I’m now trying to re-dream another one, and not being afraid to re-vision it as I see fit. What I seek is my calling, my fate, my bliss. Joseph Campbell called it ‘the soul’s high adventure’.

Do me a favor. Let’s promise each other something–


* We will appreciate the small but important day-to-day miracles, challenges, and opportunities for creative self-mastery, helping us to write unique, emotional, and honest stories with powerfully complex and human characters.

* We will seek to create bonds of friendship and partnership—in our creative field with our fellow writers and with those from every professional stratum of the industry, small and large—to conjure the creative reverberation of others who inspire us to write so that we can help inspire creativity in themselves by creating and inspiring.

* We will seek to reframe discomfort, frustration, conflict, failure, and pain as essential stepping stones toward personal and creative fulfillment, and by working hard every day to better our bodies, our spirits, our minds, and our lives, in all things literature and adjacent.


Don’t forget to write, revise, and publish the story of your life with as much zeal as you do your work.

Have a great day!


Create and Complete

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