You just face your pain and suffering.

The little failures and the big ones.

The aches and pains.

Through the good days but

most importantly

through the bad,

the terrible,

the fucked up,

and the hopeless days.

ALL for what you love.

That’s the test.

That’s the reward.

That’s called the hate in the love,

the Yin of the Yang,

the shadow of the hill.

Don’t avoid, move away, or ignore the pain

and suffering,

But take it on.

We spend our entire lives

feeling empty,

not because we don’t pursue what we love

but because we think this pursuit should be


should be without failures,

should be without setbacks,

and should be without pain.

Take the pain.

Pain is essential for creation.

Ask any mother.

Lean into it.

You can do it.

We all do it for the jobs and the lives we

hate, so why not for the dreams we



pain is ephemeral compared

to the world of the safe,

to the empire of the passive,

to the nausea of the comfortable,

to the regret,

and the heinous crime

of squandering the beautiful life and

opportunity you were gifted.


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