We Are All Fake

Non-judgment begins when you realize that you too are an asshole. Self-nourishment and self-love begins only when we accept every single part of ourselves, especially the parts we can’t see unless we take the time to confront them or the parts we push down because we’re ashamed of them or are afraid that if we even whisper of their presence, they’ll poison our minds and our lives, making us unlovable or a bad person.

It’s not fun. It’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be. That’s why most everyone is growing socially schizophrenic —online angels, secret demons. Including me. Sometimes.

We’re all sometimes these things. We need to stop this black-and-white thinking. We need to admit it, get it out.

We are all fake. And that’s okay. This isn’t reality, this is fake what you’re reading. This life is fake, a copy our brains make. We’re fake, we’re afraid to speak the truth.

Please be careful of your environment. Be careful of your words. Begin true self-love by accepting the fact that we are not who we say or think we are all the time. We’re the bad parts too, the hypocritical parts, the shameful parts. Love them all! Accept everything of yourselves. It’s the only way we can begin to accept and love others.

Keep writing, keep creating

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