Food As Creative Meditation

Food, Glorious Food.

To me, cooking is one of the most sublime meditations, an act nurturing your mind, your body, and your spirit. From the curious anticipation of what to make to the hunting of the ingredients down the aisles of the local grocery store, from the chopping and prepping to the actual cooking itself, from the plating to the sitting down at the table with expected satisfaction—oh I DO love cooking! 😃

I grew up with a tv in front of me, so eating while watching a show or movie was standard in my house. But I realized that you miss a lot of the food experience when you stare at a screen.

Now as I’m reading more books on mindfulness (courtesy of Thich Naht Hanh), I’ve been eating silently at my kitchen table. No tv, no phone, no music. And what an exquisite experience it is! In this act which we take for granted, another meditation was revealed to me employing all fives senses—the scent of the steaming plate, the sight of the next forkful, the sound of chewing, the feel of the food on my tongue, and of course the taste of it all.

It is by treating my meals as meditations that I am truly present creatively. My mind buzzes with possibilities, with energy and discovery.


Your hobbies make you creative and vice versa. Cooking and eating are no different. You don’t have to take up painting to stoke your creative juices, nor do you have to learn a musical instrument. To say that cooking a meal has helped my writing is a bit of a reach, but it does add a sense of exploration and discovery. We live how we write, and to attempt to make our meals a work of art definitely helps in the process.

So the next time you’re blocked, make a grilled cheese sandwich. Or do what I did — create your own breakfast sandwich.

Create and complete!