You Are All Writing Warriors

As a special treat for NaNoWriMo writers and supporters, I’m doing a second inspirational quote this Saturday. I love this book and highly recommend it to all of my fellow warriors.

“The Writing Warrior stands steady in the center of her work, not reaching too far into the past or too far into the future.

“She is rooted to the earth, and her spine reaches toward heaven. She identifies and acknowledges the distractions and illusions in her path and, with compassion and clarity, strikes them down.

“She is aware of her patterns and any tendencies to get in her way, and she can laugh at herself, openly and with wide lips.

“The Writing Warrior knows his time on earth is finite and wants to live it fully. He knows he has essays to write, stories to share, poems to create, and he knows it is his charge to write them.

“She makes that writing is sacred, that it carries great power, and that it takes work. She knows that though the stories and poems appear as gifts, they require her diligence, her patience, and her discipline to realize their full potential.

“He must be alert.

“She must be faithful.

“The Writing Warrior’s pen is a sword, used both to slice away the mind’s illusions and the illusions of the world around her. The Writing Warrior does not pick up the pen lightly. He respects its power, its magic, and its teachings. He knows it carries responsibilities.

“She steps up to the page, the morning’s battlefield, bows to the pen, the page, and to herself. She is ready to cut away what does not serve. He is ready to carve out a new landscape. The pen is also ready, and bows to the warrior, offering its ink as a sacred covenant.

“Welcome to the path. We’ve been waiting for you.”

From the book The Writing Warrior by Laraine Herring.

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