Impressions of a Snowy Day in October

Throughout the week, through all the stress and the busyness, I take a moment out of the day to write down some details about the environment around me. I’ll be posting them here every Monday.

Snow heavy branches dip in my path as I walk to the store.

The steady moans of a shovel being pushed along the planks of my neighbor’s back porch.

The plastic skeleton of a bat clinging to a fence covered in snow (frozen in fright!). Two guys stuck in the white earth, their horror unclaimed.

No kids trick-or-treating.

A young man (I assume) wears a Kermit the Frog mask as he ambled down the street in this winter storm.

I listen to Elmer Bernstein’s score of he movie Ghostbusters, entranced by the icy eeriness of two holidays mashed into one.

(Charlie Brown is at the ready on iTunes.)

The leaves on the sidewalk just turned yellowish green.

Droplets collect on the lenses of my glasses as I smile. I am five years old again.

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