NaNo Diary Entry: 7 Days In

After 7 days of NaNoWriMo, I’m just under the average at 13,780 words.


I got to say, it’s cool writing a novel in a coffee shop. I work better away from the apartment. I know this: I get distracted at my place, I take too many bathroom breaks, I stop and start and stall. Here at the coffee shop, I feel like I’m clocking in and this is a good thing. Check out Steven Pressfield and his book The War of Art. He says it so succinctly: this is a job. Clock in and do it. Click those fingers to the keys, get it down. Or, as Tom Bilyeu talks to Chase Jarvis about in this episode of Conversations with Tom, employ an “art by the pound” mentality—get it done and get it out instead of constantly worrying about if your piece of art if perfect.


The other day, I woke up late and rushed around to get to the coffee shop at my appointed time at 8. If I were relying on some muse instead of a set schedule and place, I could be as lax as any dilettante poet. But here, it’s a job. What you’re doing is setting boundaries with yourself. You’re making promises to your muse and keeping them. And I’m so glad I am. The word count proves it!


Shout out to @chicagogrind for being the base of operations for me these days and hopefully for the rest of the mission.


Create and Complete!


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