Saturday Inspiration

“After a hundred or something films, I’m constantly insecure. But here’s the hitch: it’s okay to fail, to feel insecurely, doubting yourself, finding confidence, and moving forward, and then doubting what you’ve just done. I think this is the life of the composer and this is the life of the artist.”

— Danny Elfman

This is such a profound statement to make, and I don’t think it’s been said nearly enough—professionals still struggle! A hundred films, did you read that? Author and writing professor John Gardner once said that after writing for like 18 hours a day when he was graduate student, he still didn’t feel like a writer. Same with Maya Angelou, who echoed this same sentiment of not being good enough after publishing eight books.

Its a cycle, it always is—you feel insecure and then you feel confident—but we always feel it’s not, that the professionals aren’t ever insecure and we, the struggling, are and will always be because we’re not good. But we are good. You’re not a bad writer because you feel insecure, every writer feels is at different points of their career no matter how much success they’ve had.

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