Impressions from a Sunday Train

Throughout the week, through all the stress and the busyness, I take a moment out of the day to write down some details about the environment around me. I’ll be posting them here every Monday.

The middle aged man with the grey-brown hair lifts the bud from his left ear and listens as the train’s conductor mumbles something he thinks is important.

A smile brims to the lips of the man across from me watching his phone.

The Asian man sleeps next to me with his arms crossed.

I look at the Greek letters K A P sewn into a young man’s hoodie. A renegade string has come undone from the orange trim that surrounds the blue letters. Its presence is menacing and free.

The woman’s pinky and ring fingers curl as her middle finger curls as she points to the things on her phone.

The older man standing in front of me gestures with his left hand. It is worn, hairy, slightly tanned. His wedding band glimmers.

The young man next to me, brown hair and blue eyes, sees without seeing.

Everyone’s running shoes are new: marathon day.

• A young child hides behind his uncle in the train seat.

A woman looks out with large brown eyes to the sky.