Saturday Inspiration

“Every writer I know has trouble writing.”

— Joseph Heller

It’s true. No matter what you may be feeling or thinking, writing just doesn’t happen for the chosen few, it’s hard damn work for every single writer every single day of their life.

It’s easy with easy stuff, if you study the easy things. This is the craft stuff–plot, conflict, dialogue. These things can be taught.

But fear, vulnerability, truth, and your own human character–THAT’S the stuff that is tough.

The physical act of writing is the taking down of dictation of what is buried deep within you.

Because writing is a long process, eventually you must face yourself. There’s no way of getting around it. That’s why blocks happen–you’re doing something your heart and spirit don’t want to do. Your main job as a writer (once you get the craft down) is to work together with your unconscious to create something beautiful; to inhabit a place between child and god. It’s the most important creative relationship of your life.

For me, it began this past year with getting out of my own way. But not only this but letting my heart and spirit speak.

It was scary shit, let me tell you. Like letting go of the steering wheel.

But we must.

This doesn’t guarantee that everything will go smooth for now on. In fact, every single day is different in my writing life.

But like any writing friend, group, or even quote, sometimes all you need is simply the knowledge of the existence of someone else’s hardships with their own writing to encourage you along with your own.

That, in a way, is what has inspired me to make Saturday Inspirations.

Take care.



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