Furlough 22

What a glorious sunny day in Chicago! I’m going to stay in and read!

Writing was good today. I edited some poems and looked over some stories. I also did something I hadn’t done in what feels like several years: pondered submitting to magazines. I actually have a story out there already but god knows where it is or whose read it or how anyone could read anything of mine right now.

But the fact that I pondered it means I’m not far off from doing it. When COVID relents, I want to be ready.

I also got another care package, this time from my folks. Pierogies! I’m part Polish, and so every year for Easter my mom and dad make homemade pierogies, which are pretty dumpling. Potato is my favorite but any kind of filling will do, even fruit. Fry them up in some butter and onions. Crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside. I can eat about 700 at a time. I’m going to miss Easter dinner this year with everyone.

Among other items they dropped off, I also got a bandana for my homemade mask. Can’t wait to show that off (again, after I’m done reading all day).

It’s still so weird getting packages from people I love and not being near them. I loved seeing them but I felt so far away. Can’t wait until this thing ends when I can give them both a big bear hug. In other news, I signed up for Suleika Jaouad’s Isolation Journaling prompts by way of a writer friend of mine. Please check it out. When you sign up, you get one prompt every day in your email and you can do previous ones as well. I’m really digging it. Nothing like a good daily writing prompt to get your creativity flowing. Link here!

That’s it for me. Take care everyone. See you tomorrow.

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