Furlough 26

I’m back! And it’s great to be here.

So after many a slow start, I get into my groove. I read about 3,000 words, taking extensive notes.

Meditation has helped me, especially awareness training. It’s really helped to separate myself from my thoughts and my feelings so that when I actually do sit down and edit things, my emotions and thoughts don’t overwhelm me.

Because, really, that’s what had stopped me before: I would sit down and go over what I had written and realize that my expectations had such a high standard for me, my perfectionism was so intense, that anything I’d written was terrible and was never going to be any good and there was no sense in even considering what I was doing.

This of course left me in a state of despondency and worry and anxiety and even depression down the road. This is how I got blocked.

But now having worked with awareness practice and meditation it’s at least giving me the chance to separate myself from my critical voice from that negative ego mind. And that’s very relieving.

And it also helps your editing because then you aren’t as happy or sad when things go your way and don’t go your way. you’re not supposed to be because the rough draft is never what it will eventually end up being so you’re saving yourself from needless suffering. Which is just another example of how life and art—or I should say life the creation of art—go hand-in-hand.

I edited like this for about 2 1/2 hours taking breaks as well. I plan on doing more tomorrow. I really want to hit my stride on this.

It was a good day. A good day riding. Now I’m friggin exhausted ha ha

Create and Complete!

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