Furlough 27

For most of the month now I’ve been dressing up for my writing job, wearing my hat and my jacket in the spirit of getting serious with my writing. Call it a superhero costume; I do!

Also, I’m not going to be showing off these clothes to anyone in awhile anyway, so why not, right?

In keeping with that same spirit, I’m putting on my Sunday’s best as I continue to read through the rough draft of my next novel. I clean up pretty well, don’t I?

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Sunday!

And while I don’t believe in the specifics of Catholicism (what Joseph Campbell called the denotative or prose use of a religion), I one hundred percent believe in its spirituality, its love for each other, and its messages (connotative or poetic sense of term). I get the gist of it and I will never judge you for having any kind of religion or faith as long as it doesn’t impede on another’s belief as well. We’re all humans trying our best with what we got.

So have fun today. Connect and give thanks.

Create and Complete!

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