Furlough 31

This is a picture of my calendar:

See? Purty!

I’ve recently replaced the Xs for Hearts for the days I write and the Os for Smiley Faces. I used to put lines through the days when I didn’t write as some sort of shaming ritual, but fuck that shit. I’ve suffered enough shame in my life, I’m done with that.

Today I worked a couple hours, took a lunch break, worked a couple more hours and broke for real, and then a little bit o dabbling and then broke for real real.

The font for this particular draft is called Shree Devanagari 714 (which sounds amazing and looks even cooler). After every draft, I like to change up the font to try and fool my brain into thinking that someone else wrote it so I can see it a little better and a little clearer with objective eyes. I think it works.

I’m almost to the end of this thing and I feel like I’m intentionally slowing down and even stalling because I don’t wanna finish this because then I have to actually go into this and work on this and clean this up. But say la vee.

This is a natural phenomenon. I forgot exactly what this phenomenon is called but we tend to slow up right when we get to the end of something. Steven Pressfield talks about this in his book the War of Art.

It was a good day. I even got pretty excited about what’s in store for me. And I always drew back to that: as soon as I was getting antsy or anxious about what this was going to be, I pulled back and said I’m excited I can do this I can work it out. I thank my mentor for that.

Create and complete, fellow writers! The day is yours, so go ahead and take it.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing out on all the great punchlines. 😜

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