Furlough 35

cropped-2016-06-30-20-31-26-1.jpgHello all!

How are you doing this week? This new week, this new spin of the wheel again? I hope you’re doing well, and if you’re not doing well, I hope you are okay and stable. Remember, it’s day to day, hour to hour, or even moment to moment.

I’m back to rereading the last of this tiny little bit of book I couldn’t get to before I took the break. It’s good to have fresh eyes. I should take more breaks. It’s always wonderful to come back with more energy, more dynamism, and a fresher creativity to work with.

On top of that, nothing much has changed. I’m still working on my awareness practice and meditation. Yoga tomorrow.

I have been visiting my parents for the week. For fourteen three weeks prior to this we weren’t in contact with any humans, so we figured it was safe.

I missed them. They are the first humans I’ve been in contact with that weren’t delivery people. I have been in isolation for these 35 days since this whole furlough started, and I must say that I love human contact again. Not just the three-dimensional aspect of our conversations but also the small details of rhythm and sound–the footfalls on the stairs, the echoes of conversations, the click of the stove starting, the cough of the front door opening. I know many of you are quarantining in a group or even large groups and sometimes (and a lot of the times) you get on each other’s nerves and just want to get away. I understand that. I’m an introvert, believe I do. But also realize how lucky you are to be around those you love. It gets lonely when you are the only one in contact with yourself, and I can’t stand myself sometimes haha. I’ve always been grateful to have two healthy parents here with me on this earth, but especially now in the house I grew up in, their presence is healing.

Have a safe, healthy day.

Get some writing done. And if you can’t write, forgive yourself and try the next day. Or take some time off and watch a movie with a loved one, either in person or on the phone texting each other.

Create and Complete!



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