Furlough 37: Play

Well I finished my read-through. Copious notes were made.

I get lost in notes. I accidentally wrote a whole other novel once of just notes about a novel I was working on. It can be so immense, this mound in our minds, that it can suffocate us like an avalanche. I know: many a novel I’ve started has died under avalanches.

But this time it’s different. I am learning to practice mindful ways. I know that these voices that snicker and smirk and whisper futures of me failing don’t exist to help me. These voices are there just to hate, that’s all. They don’t wish to debate or argue or help. We may think they are helping, sometimes, when they use savvy language. But in the end, they only wish to hate.

This is all within us. Any haters you know in the real world–that’s actually a projection of these voices. You are all you need. We are all dealing with projections.


I’m glad I’m done reading through this draft, but I’m scared shitless how this is going to go. I will relax and breathe deep. I will try not to focus too long on when I want this done yet. It’s too soon for that.

I will try my best.

But most importantly, I will remember that it’s a game.

Everything is a game. This right now is the Novel Writing game.

When we play, we are more creative, we are more relaxed, we have fun, and we get more accomplished.

I must remember that. We as writers must all remember that.

Create and Complete.


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