Furlough 40: Heal

This morning I woke up sore from yesterday’s sivananda yoga, so I didn’t want to do much writing today. And I didn’t, I only did about 25 minutes. But this is an example of writing whatever you can, even if it’s tough to do and even if it doesn’t produce much, and then just walking away.

I’m glad I sat down, I’m glad I did a little bit of editing, I’m glad I took the time and didn’t just throw it away as an opportunity, and I’m especially glad that I didn’t judge or punish myself for not doing four hours straight.

That’s where I’m at right now—accepting myself for who I am. It’s tough work but I’m proud of myself for it. It’s little things like today that remind me that I got work to do. But that’s okay. Life is a school and our actions are a practice and our words are precious, fellow bloggers.

I will spend the rest of the day healing. It’s essential to recognize when your mind, when your body, when your heart, and when your spirit are hurting or are wounded or are simply exhausted.

It’s tough to see these things; it’s tough to feel these things too. Especially in a culture where productivity and working 70 hours a week and the busyness of it is so pervasive. I must establish a balance. As Sean Vigue once said, “Balance is earned, it’s never given.” And earning our balance is called Living Our Lives.

So today I will read and sip tea and eat breakfast and stare at the window and listen to music and heal.

Good luck with your day and I hope you experience some healing too.

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