Furlough 48

Today was easy peasy, bing bang boom. I wrote out another scenario.

It was fun this time. I worked from my notes and realized that the more I let go of an idea, the more it began to fly on its own. I’m learning to play and see where it goes!

Also, I read a book today about enneagrams and I found out I’m a type 4. I used to be really interested in books like this when I was a young adult. Books on tarot, astrology, and the such. It gave me a way to fit in by giving me a type (because that’s a thing that 4s go through, trying to fit in by being odd in some way!).

I don’t hold much truth to it now for a couple reasons. 1, I’m not so interested in trying to find out who I am because I know who I am,  and 2, according to my type and how I must keep myself balanced, I am already on the right path.

I guess that’s where I am right–I don’t need anything or anyone to tell me who I am. I know it. But I also don’t mind a little help.

So I’ll hold onto the book as a quaint reminder that I am not as utterly and unfathomably unique as I thought I was and that my emotions need to be understood but something not lost in (Type 4 all the way).

I hope you all are healthy and safe.

Create and Complete!



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