Furlough 52: Feeling Good

It was a good day of writing. I read through one scenario making notes and then ended up making a completely new scenario, which I think is going to be the main scenario that will turn into the second draft of my novel.

This is important that I remember this: I need to be loose and playful with my writing/editing process.

Yes, in this phase I am supposed to be writing scenarios, taking time each day to do just that; however, I can also create as I edit and work on notes. All three are a part of the creative process in this early phase.

I didn’t do this before. I would stick very severely to one part of the process and immerse myself in it for days, maybe even weeks. As passionate as I was, it was a long process that more often than not led me down a story path that just wasn’t right for my book. Then I would come back and try something else out, writing on feeling alone with no plan at all. I would do this for weeks, rewriting with no thought of making scenarios or storylines, since to do that, in my mind, was unnatural.

I realize that this was the difference between being a romantic artiste and a hard-working writer. Working and tweaking my story and its possibilities now will save me time and energy.

I need to go over these scenarios, I need to play around with form and style, not to kill inspiration but set the stage for it. They offer me the chance to retell the story in a natural way so that I may find the seed from which this novel can grow.

I’m in a really good place and it feels good. And that’s the keyword there — feels. It feels like this is coming into its own, it feels like this is the right direction. I’m gonna go with that feeling!

Have yourself a safe and healthy day!

Create and complete!

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