Furlough 54: Relax, guy!

It was a short work day.

I looked over some notes, scrapping old ideas and scenarios. Well, not scrapping as in throwing it out. I never throw anything out. I still have a short story that I first wrote when I was in high school.

This is a bit of a bold step for me, doing a light work day, and I’m proud of myself for it. I normally plow through, my foot heavy on the accelerator and trying to get as far as I can with the fuel I have. But the car needs constant refueling and replenishing, it must be taken care of.

Yesterday, I noticed right after my writing session that I was feeling a bit exhausted and frenzied.

And so what I want to do is take the rest of the day off and be gentle. In these times of heightened stress and anxiety and fear, I may not always be feeling these emotions but I know my body is.

So I’m going to kick back, listen to some podcasts, take a big nap, listen to my 90s playlist.

Keep writing!

Have a safe and healthy day!

Create and complete!

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