Furlough 56: Movin’ Right Along

Read over the synopsis today.

I’ve dealt with synopsizes before, and they were always used as a starting off point before I eventually went off on my own and just wrote wrote wrote wrote wrote.

But now I’m looking it over and am really using it as a storytelling tool to help myself get into what I really want to write here.

Plus I know the next step of this process is sequence. I’ll talk a little bit more about sequence in the next couple posts, but sequence is easier to form with a synopsis form than in an entire novel or even a chapter list.

Speaking of which, I’ve also formed a chapter list that I’m very excited about. When you start to hear voices, when you start to see characters, when you start to see things happen, that’s a sign of insanity in the real word but a sign of when things really start to takeoff for writers.

Have yourself a safe and happy day

Create and complete!

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