Furlough 61: Better Late

I started late today because I slept in; and after taking longer than was needed to forgive myself for sleeping in, I quickly ate some breakfast and went to work.

I read through the rest of my rough draft today, but I did something else too, something I’ve never done before. I’m taking some of the parts of this book that I’m cutting and using it for a short story.

I of course have trained myself to believe that this is not how story making works. I come from a self taught, romantic, literary sense of things. In other words I was brainwashed by myself to believe that writing ‘happens’. Thank god I’m getting over that!

So this idea of just throwing together random parts – parts that are still good mind you – and putting them into a folder to make them into a story just seems unnatural. I don’t know what this story will turn out to be, but it’s a place to start.

That’s exciting because the short story is along the same themes as my novel so that if I ever do take a break and not know what to do in the book, I can always come to the short story and play with it as a smaller version to work out whatever I have to work out in my book. Perhaps.

Yeah so I’m done reading through the rough draft, I now have the fertile fields so to speak of my new draft.

I’m on my way!

Have a safe and healthy day!

Create and complete!

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