My name is David M. Barnish.  I’ve been writing literary fiction both short and long for twelve years now.

In one sense, I’ve been adjacent all my life, dubbed the -‘the writer nerd’ in my circle.  In another sense, I’m close to literature with the hopes of one day being part of it.  But in a third sense, there are so many things that go into writing for me, not just literature.  Music inspires me, films inspire me, and so that’s dashed in the mix as well.  LitAdj is a blog on art itself with literature (the greatest art form in history) at its center.

‘Outside looking out’ is a personal mantra of mine, brand-spanking new to me.  When you’re on the outside looking in, you want to be in, you need to be in, you dream of being in, and you’re willing to do anything to get in.

No more of that.  It hurts.

‘On the outside looking out’ is enjoying the fact that you’re on the outside.  Being different, being proud of that difference, and in that pride, finding your style, finding your voice, and finding solace in yourself.  Also, there’s a bit of the Eastern mindset of actually looking around you that makes you focus inward.  When you’re on the outside, look out!  Look at the people, the setting, the color.  Don’t miss the things around you in your journey.

David M Barnish



And that’s what LiteratureAdjacent.com is all about, Charlie Brown.


Contact me at megawriter77@gmail.com


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