Furlough 61: Better Late

I started late today because I slept in; and after taking longer than was needed to forgive myself for sleeping in, I quickly ate some breakfast and went to work.

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Furlough 54: Relax, guy!

It was a short work day.

I looked over some notes, scrapping old ideas and scenarios. Well, not scrapping as in throwing it out. I never throw anything out. I still have a short story that I first wrote when I was in high school.

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Furlough 53: Talking 2 Myself

For two months ago, I began recording and listening to random thoughts of mine using my voice notes from my phone. I had always kept a journal, but this was easier.

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Furlough 52: Feeling Good

It was a good day of writing. I read through one scenario making notes and then ended up making a completely new scenario, which I think is going to be the main scenario that will turn into the second draft of my novel.

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Furlough 49: Wrestling Match


When I am my flow state, I can write anything and everything. There is no hurdles, the wind is at my back, and everything seems crystal clear. It all happens suddenly: I feel a release, of tension but also of gravity, a falling in. I am falling into the process, the story and myself together like spelunkers descending down into the earth.

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