Furlough 43: How Novel

After a restless night where I got very little sleep, I still woke up at six, did my routine, made it to my desk for a three-hour session. Hell yeah.

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Furlough 42: Forgive

Forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself.

If you really want to make progress, if you really want to do all that you can to improve yourself every single day as a human being, as a writer, as an artist, as an anything, please understand you have to forgive yourself constantly.

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Furlough 41: Confession

For my day off, I sat at my kitchen table, had some yogurt, and drank some tea and that’s all I did. It was amazing.

It’s always great when I shut off every distraction and just sit and listen to the world around me. Stillness is bliss. You are just ARE.

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Furlough 40: Heal

This morning I woke up sore from yesterday’s sivananda yoga, so I didn’t want to do much writing today. And I didn’t, I only did about 25 minutes. But this is an example of writing whatever you can, even if it’s tough to do and even if it doesn’t produce much, and then just walking away.

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Furlough 37: Play

Well I finished my read-through. Copious notes were made.

I get lost in notes. I accidentally wrote a whole other novel once of just notes about a novel I was working on. It can be so immense, this mound in our minds, that it can suffocate us like an avalanche. I know: many a novel I’ve started has died under avalanches. Continue reading “Furlough 37: Play”

Furlough 32


I did a little work but then im taking some days off so ill try to get some pics in but self-care and all and all that and hello fish sandwich and french fries nom nom nom

so good

create and (burp) complete

Furlough 30 (A Month In)

I didn’t do much today with my novel. Literally two minutes. But this is good because I’m accepting that ANY time spent on writing is time well spent. I struggle with black-and-white thinking with my writing (“If I can’t do four hours, forget it”). So this is a good practice. Plus I always spend about a half an hour writing these posts, so technically I am writing ha!

I slept in today. But it’s the first time I wasn’t beating myself up from it, wrestling with the negative self-hate. I just laid there and asked myself what I was feeling. I did this for the reason of busyness.

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Furlough 28

I’m at a point now where I’m open enough to except everything and not judge it too much as awesome or terrible. I still do from time to time, but that’s okay. Continue reading “Furlough 28”

Furlough 27

For most of the month now I’ve been dressing up for my writing job, wearing my hat and my jacket in the spirit of getting serious with my writing. Call it a superhero costume; I do! Continue reading “Furlough 27”