Furlough 53: Talking 2 Myself

For two months ago, I began recording and listening to random thoughts of mine using my voice notes from my phone. I had always kept a journal, but this was easier.

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Furlough 30 (A Month In)

I didn’t do much today with my novel. Literally two minutes. But this is good because I’m accepting that ANY time spent on writing is time well spent. I struggle with black-and-white thinking with my writing (“If I can’t do four hours, forget it”). So this is a good practice. Plus I always spend about a half an hour writing these posts, so technically I am writing ha!

I slept in today. But it’s the first time I wasn’t beating myself up from it, wrestling with the negative self-hate. I just laid there and asked myself what I was feeling. I did this for the reason of busyness.

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Furlough 28

I’m at a point now where I’m open enough to except everything and not judge it too much as awesome or terrible. I still do from time to time, but that’s okay. Continue reading “Furlough 28”

Furlough 23

Note To Self

Reminder: This is only a quick read-through of a rough copy of your book.

At times like this, we overload ourselves with expectations. And since you’re only glancing at this, your feelings will be mostly neutral with a tendency to be in love with everything you’ve written. Continue reading “Furlough 23”