Furlough 53: Talking 2 Myself

For two months ago, I began recording and listening to random thoughts of mine using my voice notes from my phone. I had always kept a journal, but this was easier.

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Furlough 52: Feeling Good

It was a good day of writing. I read through one scenario making notes and then ended up making a completely new scenario, which I think is going to be the main scenario that will turn into the second draft of my novel.

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Furlough 49: Wrestling Match


When I am my flow state, I can write anything and everything. There is no hurdles, the wind is at my back, and everything seems crystal clear. It all happens suddenly: I feel a release, of tension but also of gravity, a falling in. I am falling into the process, the story and myself together like spelunkers descending down into the earth.

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Furlough 46: 😴

I worked on some scenario exercises for my new novel. This is the phase of my work where I write several scenarios to flex possibilities for the next draft. I gave myself 2,500 words. It feels like I wrote 100,000.

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Furlough 43: How Novel

After a restless night where I got very little sleep, I still woke up at six, did my routine, made it to my desk for a three-hour session. Hell yeah.

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Furlough 42: Forgive

Forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself forgive yourself.

If you really want to make progress, if you really want to do all that you can to improve yourself every single day as a human being, as a writer, as an artist, as an anything, please understand you have to forgive yourself constantly.

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