Getting There is Half the Battle


It seems to me that once I get to my writing, everything is fine. As I wrote about in one of my previous posts, it’s not the writing part (so far) that is the problem, it’s the GETTING THERE part that dooms me.

These are four mindsets that stop me from going to my creative place and what I do to help avoid them. Continue reading “Getting There is Half the Battle”

The New Literature


Realism has become moot. It’s not worth it anymore to paint a picture with your words of what a barn looks like unless there’s a character behind the description and so a point to your picturing; and even if those pictures are bleak and dismal—painted to evoke a sense of sadness or to be used as a backdrop to show the unfair or horrible world we live in—it’s senseless to show this without the mind behind it to ponder and question it or a heart behind it to strive against the bleak and dismal. Continue reading “The New Literature”

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