Furlough 61: Better Late

I started late today because I slept in; and after taking longer than was needed to forgive myself for sleeping in, I quickly ate some breakfast and went to work.

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Furlough 53: Talking 2 Myself

For two months ago, I began recording and listening to random thoughts of mine using my voice notes from my phone. I had always kept a journal, but this was easier.

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Furlough 43: How Novel

After a restless night where I got very little sleep, I still woke up at six, did my routine, made it to my desk for a three-hour session. Hell yeah.

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Rebel Rebel

It wasn’t supposed to begin like this.

I was supposed to have a hip, well-prepped blog article.  I was supposed to get into something philosophical and artsy, like I tend to do.  I was supposed to explain my purpose here on starting this thing and what it would lead to.  I was supposed to explain the name and the tagline at least.  But then, Continue reading “Rebel Rebel”