New Mantra, Part 2



Last week we learned that Be Loving applied to everyone we meet, even the people we can’t stand. Be Loving is not false praise or syrupy-sweet patronizing but sincere interaction, and comes from the most sincere place—our humanity. It’s really nothing more than putting our best thoughts, words, and actions forward.

The next part is connected to this.

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New Mantra



Here at the LitAdj offices (and by ‘offices’ I mean ‘the desk I bought on clearance at IKEA eight years ago’) there have been some changes sparked by the changing of the year. First, the look feels a little less gloomy. And second, I’ve gone back and reread some old stuff and improved them, like my About page. This is the time to look over what you have and see what has worked and fix what hasn’t. So in the spirit of self-improvement, I’ve come up with a new mantra for the year: Be Loving, Be Humble, Have Direction, Have Fun. Not only does this pertain to my writer’s life, but also to what I call my ‘civilian’ life. You know, away from my ‘offices’. Continue reading “New Mantra”