Furlough 37: Play

Well I finished my read-through. Copious notes were made.

I get lost in notes. I accidentally wrote a whole other novel once of just notes about a novel I was working on. It can be so immense, this mound in our minds, that it can suffocate us like an avalanche. I know: many a novel I’ve started has died under avalanches. Continue reading “Furlough 37: Play”

Saturday Inspiration

“I’ve never known a writer who didn’t feel ill at ease in the world. We all feel unhoused in some sense, that’s part of why we write. We feel we don’t fit in; that this world is not our world; that though we may move in it, we’re not of it. You don’t need to write a novel if you feel home in the world.”

— Andrea Barrett

This is a quote that is more sobering than inspiring; though, for me, it is inspiring but in a different way.

We are weirdos, and we should love that. Art is created from the very well spring of this weirdness and also our constant dance of acceptance and solace that writers takes part in the world with every time they create.

This enlivens me, this quote. It means. It only that what I am feeling is normal but also that my work is important. Writers need to get distance to write, and sometimes, that distance is their lives.

Embrace your weirdness!

Create and complete.