Furlough 30 (A Month In)

I didn’t do much today with my novel. Literally two minutes. But this is good because I’m accepting that ANY time spent on writing is time well spent. I struggle with black-and-white thinking with my writing (“If I can’t do four hours, forget it”). So this is a good practice. Plus I always spend about a half an hour writing these posts, so technically I am writing ha!

I slept in today. But it’s the first time I wasn’t beating myself up from it, wrestling with the negative self-hate. I just laid there and asked myself what I was feeling. I did this for the reason of busyness.

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Furlough 13


It’s coffee day. Most days it’s green tea or at the most yerba mate. It was a rough night with a lot of tossing and turning. I also had another nightmare. This one involved Dennis Hopper’s character from Blue Velvet chasing after me with this family of freakish humans in tow. Frigging David Lynch. Love him and hate him.  Continue reading “Furlough 13”

Saturday Inspiration

We could always use words of wisdom, more so the words themselves to inspire our own. We need to read of courage so we can write of our own. Every Saturday I’ll be posting my favorite quote to help us (and me) be the best artists we can be. Continue reading “Saturday Inspiration”