Giving myself the morning off, I decided to sit down with a cup of coffee, listen to some Prokofiev, and read poetry. I needed this: I often overwork myself and skip these needed break days. Continue reading “Create!”

Work at Work

One thing I’ve gotten away from this past year is making the most of my time to progress in my writing life while at my job. I know, I know. You can’t write a novel at your day job. Or CAN you? 🤔 Continue reading “Work at Work”

Impressions of a coffee shop in Edgewater

Throughout the week, I write down moments out of the day about fascinating details of the environment and the people around me. I’ll be posting them here every Monday.

The crying baby is more a moaning sleepy cry than a loud, shrill, and it comes and goes in ways that make it more a conversation to the mother that isn’t there. Continue reading “Impressions of a coffee shop in Edgewater”

After NaNoWriMo

I started my next book in November for #nanowrimo2019 and working on finishing the first draft by the end of the year. 81,551 words of the book so far. It’s a mess that will take some time to clean up. But that’s why I love rough drafts—making a mess! 😊



@chicagogrind is where I do most of my writing. This particular item is called the Almond Joy. Something off their old menu. If you like caffeinated chocolate and coconut, ask for it. Super delicious!



Back to it. Have a great day, creators!