Saturday Inspiration

“Ballast yourself with reality, then throw yourself into the sea. The sea is inspiration. That’s what we’re looking for: the release into the unconscious that comes up with images. You’re dealing with images.” —

Wynn Handman

This is from the documentary, ‘It Takes A Lunatic’. In it, you learn about Wynn’s life in the theater. He’s an acting coach, and so this quote describes the creative process. We as writers are actors as well. We delve into our characters and mumble their words and thoughts.

The most important part of this quote is when he talks of ballasting ourselves in reality. We must, he says, start with our lives and what we’re going through before we can delve into creation and the sea of the unconscious that swims us like fish.

This is exactly where I’m at now, and you will one day be here too. To allow that sea to take you, you must ready yourself with the fact that you will be taken.